Build long-term retention of newly acquired information

Share knowledge, improve performance and productivity, and help employees forget less important information

Improve knowledge retention

Brightspot uses peer-led and expert-led learning to foster knowledge retention among employees and support them in the workplace. We help you scale your culture of learning and increase employee performance, productivity, and retention so employees can keep pace with your business goals.

Stop losing knowledge

With Brightspot, improve knowledge retention and reduce the risk of critical information falling through the cracks. Boost your employees' performance and productivity with modern techniques proven by brain science. Turn knowledge sharing into an engaging, productive experience that increases retention, reduces mistakes, and boosts morale.

Your employees need to know you're there for them

Your employees need to know you're there for them. Don’t lose employee performance and productivity by not properly training your workforce. With Brightspot, make sure your employees are up-to-date with the latest information and meet their needs for knowledge retention with a mix of updated learning content and personalized training programs that adapt to each employee.

Retention training is key to succes

If you want to improve retention, it starts with providing the right training. Brightspot makes it easy for employees to learn and retain new information at pace. Less time spent learning means more time working— improve performance and productivity, and build just the right mix of knowledge sharing and confidence needed by your employees.

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