Engagement is key

Brightspot is an employee engagement platform that helps you grow and retain employees while improving the performance of your com

Employee engagement platform that helps get employees engaged

At Brightspot, we built a platform that helps companies boost employee engagement and retention by helping employees adapt quickly to their jobs, invest in the performance of their colleagues, and keep lines of communication open. Instead of wasting time on tools that aren't used by your team, our easy-to-use employee engagement platform will help your company improve retention and morale.

Improve the employee experience with personalized onboarding

Keep the lines of communication open and turn the onboarding firehose to laser-focused with Brightspot’s Employee Engagement Platform. Grow a more engaged workforce and boost morale with personalized onboarding that encourages engagement, performance, and happiness.

Increase employee engagement.

Brightspot is the only platform that helps you deliver fun, personalized bursts of training content with employee engagement software right in the tool your employees love to use. No more time-consuming learning sessions or training costs.

Empower your employees with employee engagement tools

Your employees are the most important part of your brand image. Help them understand their role in bringing your brand promises to life with consistent, clear communication.

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