A supercharged salesforce for your team

We empower frontline teams to succeed with tools that help them sell more, improvise selling tactics, and blow past profitability benchmarks.

Delight your customers and sell more

Brightspot is a digital tool that provides staff with timely, relevant information to increase their sales, customer service, and profitability. Because, at the end of the day, your people are what drives your business forward.

Boost Sales and Profits with Nudge-enabled tactics.

With a Brightspot, you can share timely and relevant information with your employees to boost sales and profits. Unlock the power of tasks, behavioural nudges and bite-sized learning to unleash your team’s full potential.

Engage and delight customers

You have the power to influence top-line growth. With your team more engaged and better trained, customers are more likely to buy after they have been guided through a better and more engaging experience.

Invest in your frontline

Investing in your frontline team is the key to success when retail is up against its challenges. Brightspot helps your employees stay on top of selling techniques, revenue-driven cross-selling and up-selling tactics, and profitability benchmarks to deliver the best customer experience possible.

Integrate Learning into the Flow of Work

Integrate learning into the places where employees are working

Provide a single view for all tasks, calendars, etc…

Integrate with your existing systems

Make it easy for employees to learn and work in the same place

Connect with your Team Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile app and desktop platform

Providing access to hybrid or distributed employees

Using a familiar user interface to social media

Create a consumer-grade employee learning experience inside your company

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