Improve employee engagement

We’ve proven that by providing employees the tools, inspiration, and knowledge required to excel in their jobs, we can drive down your retention costs. Optimize each stage of the employee lifecycle from onboarding campaigns and training reinforcement to learning new skills and development.

The tools to impact the moments that matter

Brightspot is a cloud-based platform that converts employee engagement into business results through insights and analytics, ensuring greater employee retention, engagement, and productivity. Find the tools, inspiration and knowledge that your employees need to be more productive. You know you should reward your employees for staying, but that’s easier said than done.

Reduce lost productivity

The tools to impact the moments that matter allow for employee engagement. With long-form digi content, you'll reduce the occurrence of lost productivity due to information overload and lower your staff turnover rates.

Work Smarter

Give your employees the tools, inspiration and knowledge needed to excel in their jobs, and drive down labor costs. With Brightspot’s tools, you can increase workforce satisfaction with workplace feedback opportunities.

More time = more productivity

Increase your employee's satisfaction with the tools we provide and their productivity with our personalized onboarding process. With Brightspot, you can take the pulse of each employee and use that feedback to map out a personalized onboarding process that drives engagement in your workforce.

Integrate Learning into the Flow of Work

Integrate learning into the places where employees are working

Provide a single view for all tasks, calendars, etc…

Integrate with your existing systems

Make it easy for employees to learn and work in the same place

Connect with your Team Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile app and desktop platform

Providing access to hybrid or distributed employees

Using a familiar user interface to social media

Create a consumer-grade employee learning experience inside your company

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