Get your employees’ attention

Stay connected to your entire workforce without sending a single email. Brightspot Share sends communications to everyone on your team, in your company, or within your organization – at the right time, and for the right purpose.

Connect with your front line in real-time

Brightspot Share the right communications, at the right time – every single time. You need to send timely communications that reach your entire frontline. You need to measure the impact quickly and close any gaps. You need the top-rated communications platform for employee engagement and improved business outcomes.

Share the right resources at the right time.

Are you a communication leader? We’ve got your back with our easy-to-use and effective platform that helps you share resources in real-time and measure the impact quickly. With Brightspot, your team can send unified frontline communications that work together to produce business outcomes and shorten cycle times.

Reach every employee on their time

Reach your entire workforce and drive engagement with behavioural nudges that can be read on their mobile phones or computers. Brightspot makes it easy to keep employees up-to-date and share important information, no matter where they are.

Send more timely communications with less effort

With an intuitive publishing platform, send more timely communications at a lower cost. A communications publishing platform that's intuitive and has industry-leading performance.

Integrate Learning into the Flow of Work

Integrate learning into the places where employees are working

Provide a single view for all tasks, calendars, etc…

Integrate with your existing systems

Make it easy for employees to learn and work in the same place

Connect with your Team Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile app and desktop platform

Providing access to hybrid or distributed employees

Using a familiar user interface to social media

Create a consumer-grade employee learning experience inside your company

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