Learn how to create microlearning hub with Brightspot

Brightspot’s platform makes it easy for anyone to create microlearning moments with behavioural nudges without the need to be a professional trainer. It’s a great way to help employees across your company learn and work in the same place.
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Key Platform Features

Simplify learning, increase productivity, and create a personalised learning experience that employees can reap the benefits of.

One-Stop Content Library

Leverage your own content, Brightspot original content or external paid content

Curate Learning Paths that guide employees through content

Group like content together into Collections

Create an easy-to-access hub for content that creates a “sticky” user experience

Authoring Tool: Easily Create Content

Augment your current learning content with pre and post microlearning

Build new microlearning content

Create learning or knowledge sharing content

Empower everyone to be a content creator

Applied Actions: Reinforce Learning with Nudges

Add behavioural nudges to reinforce content

Include actions, tasks or more content to deepen learning

Enhance investment in learning by helping employees apply what they have learned

Action Dashboard: Flow of Work

Integrate learning into the places where employees are working

Provide a single view for all tasks, calendars, etc…

Integrate with your existing systems

Make it easy for employees to learn and work in the same place

Accessible Learning: Anytime, Anywhere

Mobile app and desktop platform

Providing access to hybrid or distributed employees

Using a familiar user interface to social media

Create a consumer-grade employee learning experience inside your company

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