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Last updated May 03, 2022

GDPR Protection

Nothing matters more to us than the security of your data. We have you covered for the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Right to be forgotten

You can request that personal information in your account be permanently removed at

What is GDPR?

Effective May 25th 2018, GDPR tightens the rules for businesses on how they collect, store and process EU citizens’ personal data. The new regulations impact organizations worldwide who collect and process personal data of EU citizens.

Europe is currently leading the way in terms of regulating the protection of personal data of individuals. The new EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), which replaces the 1995 EU “Data Protection Directive” (and the laws of the various EU member states implementing the 1995 Directive), has been the focal point of discussion and compliance efforts for many companies around the world, including Brightspot.

Brightspot is committed to respecting the privacy rights of all of its customers and their users, and to taking reasonable and appropriate measures to protect the privacy and security of their personal information, including by implementing measures designed to comply with specific, applicable provisions of GDPR.

One such requirement, which is a carryover from the 1995 Directive, relates to cross-border transfers of data from the EU and Switzerland to the US. Brightspot is certified under both the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield Frameworks, which were designed by the US Department of Commerce, the European Commission and the Swiss Administration, and which is administered by the US Department of Commerce. The Privacy Shield Frameworks recently replaced the old EU-US and Swiss-US “Safe Harbor” Frameworks. Brightspot complies with the data protection principles outlined in the Frameworks. For more information, see the “Privacy Shield” section of our Privacy Policy and see our certifications at the Commerce Department’s “Privacy Shield” website. More generally, Brightspot has updated its technology, service offerings, terms and conditions of service and privacy notice to reflect our ongoing commitment to data privacy and security in compliance with our agreements with our customers and with applicable law.

GDPR contract – Data Processing Addendum (DPA)

GDPR Article 28, Section 3, requires that a contract be in place between a data controller and a data processor. The Brightspot Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, have provided the fundamental legal requirements and obligations regarding data ownership, processing behavior, safeguarding data, and more.

However, as a Brightspot customer you desire to have a GDPR-specific addendum to your agreement, please contact our Customer Success team at to put one in place.

Enabling you to be GDPR compliant

Brightspot enables customers to be GDPR compliant. Briefly stated, that means Brightspot:

Securing your data

Protecting customer data is a top priority at Brightspot. We understand you are trusting us with your data and we take the responsibility of securing it extremely seriously. Our Security page outlines all of our practices.

Built for security

Brightspot protects all of our customers with an array of security features.

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