About Brightspot

Brightspot is the learning platform you and your company have long been waiting for. We’re revolutionizing learning by making it micro-digestible and integrating it right into the flow of your work.

Let’s face it; employers are struggling to retain talent and employees are struggling to find time to invest in their own growth!

Our solution is simple: give people access to information in the easiest way possible and equip them with the tools they need to reinforce their learning.

Brightspot is empowering people by deconstructing traditional learning methods and leveraging the help of interactive tools to help people build habits fast and make learning last.

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Our Purpose (The reason why we exist)

Spread wisdom

Vision (what things look like when succeed)

Power learning in the flow of work

Mision (the how..)

Make it easy for everyone to learn something new every day.


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Our Origin Story

The idea for Brightspot was born in the heart of a fast-growing Canadian startup. The founding team realized every organization struggled with how organizations can effectively build learning opportunities and soft skills at every level of their organization. The founding team joined forces with Combine VC to build a platform that could help their employees with continuous learning opportunities that are incorporated into the flow of work.

Realizing that most organizations suffered from the fact that traditional leadership training was only available to a select few employees, Brightspot’s founders set about finding a way to solve this problem in the easiest way possible. Joining forces with Combine VC, the Brightspot team has made it their mission to make it easy for everyone to learn something